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• Aluminum rectangular profile with reinforcing ribs for high stability and secure hold while working. Two vertical vials allow quick readings in any position. Integrated Anti-slip stoppers allow for a firm hold when marking the spirit level does not slip.
• High-quality vials for optimum readability highly transparent, hard-wearing acrylic glass with Precision-ground inner contours and fluorescent vial liquid.
• Installation Technology ensures long-term accuracy measuring accuracy in normal position is 0. 5 mm/m and 0. 75 mm/m in reverse position.
• Spirit level with two measuring surfaces – accurate measuring in all positions. Coated measuring surfaces Protect delicate surfaces.
• Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact. Easy to clean thanks to the electrostatic powder coating. Equipment: 1 horizontal vial, 2 vertical vials, 2 coated measuring surfaces. Made in Germany.

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Contains: die-cast torpedo level, 2′ Level and 4′ Level bright, easy to read vials, electrostatic enamel finish, certified accuracy in normal reading positions: 1/32″ Over 72″ Heavy duty lifetime on vials.

Weight2.041164 kg
Dimensions6.223 × 11.684 × 123.952 cm
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