• Type 196 Framer Set, featuring spirit levels in lengths of 48″ and 96″: heavy-duty, stable and non-slip aluminium profile.
• Firm seat during marking thanks to integrated wall grips that prevent the spirit level from moving out of place.
• High-quality STABILA vials for optimum readability – highly transparent, hard-wearing acrylic glass with precision-ground inner contours and fluorescent vial fluid.
• STABILA installation technology (LOCKED VIALS) ensures long-term accuracy – measuring accuracy is ±1/32″ @ 72″ in normal position and reverse position.
• Spirit levels with two coated measuring surfaces – for accurate measuring in all positions while being gentle on delicate surfaces.
• Rubber end caps protect the profile against impact.
• Easy to clean thanks to the electrostatic powder coating.

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Part Number: 37896

The STABILA Type 196 Framer Set, featuring spirit levels in practical lengths of 48″ and 96″, designed especially for residential and multi-family framing. The 96″ level is perfect for plate to plate wall framing, great for plumbing up 8 foot walls. The 48″ is an ideal multipurpose level for all your construction needs. The Type 196 heavy-duty frames are designed to endure construction sites thanks to STABILA’s tried-and-tested quality. The tools’ key highlight is the LOCKED VIAL system, which ensures long-term accuracy of the levels. STABILA – always a great choice for true professionals.

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