STABILA 78″ TYPE 196/24″ – 40″ TYPE 80T JAMBER SET


Type 196 78″ Level

• Bright and easy to read vials
• Electrostatic enamel coating for easy cleaning
• Accurate to 1/32″ over 72″
• Non-marring end caps grip walls and flat surfaces for non-slip readings

Type 80T Extendable Level

• Precision machined measuring surface
• Continuous marking and cutting edge letting you measure and mark with no interruptions
• Easily adjustable and locks quickly to desired length
• Printed scales on topside of level for accurate layout and quick setups

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Part Number: 37540
UPC: 89634375401

The Stabila 37540 Type 196 Jamber Set 78 in. Level Plus Type 80 T Extendable Level (24 – 40 in.) is a heavy duty profile designed to fit in a standard 80 in. door opening. This allows a contractor to plumb down the jamb legs and eliminate bows in the door frame. The set comes with a new header level. We have added the redesigned 24″-40″ Type 80 T Extendable Level to the non-magnetic Jamber Set, replacing the traditional 32″ level. The 80 T fits most door openings found in residential construction. Achieve a perfect fit for headers by simply locking the 80 T to the exact door sizer using the measuring scale on the level.

Weight3.07 kg
Dimensions2.75 × 2.63 × 78 cm

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