Fastek Theft Assistance Service

At Fastek, we know there is nothing more devastating to your professional life than being robbed. Times are hard, and theft is becoming more of a problem every day – especially for tradespeople – all across Canada.

While we can’t always prevent theft, we can help you manage the situation in a few ways;

Purchase a WhereSafe GPS tracker and tracking plan directly from Fastek to keep tabs on your trailer or vehicle before theft happens. WhereSafe will work with the police to track and recover your property in real-time, 24 hours a day. The GPS trackers we offer are battery powered or wired to your vehicle’s battery and easily hidden, making sure your assets are protected. All this for less than you spend on coffee each month.

If you are in our system and do your shopping at Fastek, we already keep track of your purchase history, including most serial numbers, so you can get an itemized list to your insurance company with just a quick call or email.

If the unthinkable does happen and your property is stolen, we can help you get back on track. We’ll work with you to get you back to the jobsite quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

We provide benefits like this to our customers at no extra cost because we want to do whatever we can to make sure you can keep working, even if disaster strikes. We can even submit the list to your insurance company directly.

If you’ve experienced a theft and need help navigating the situation, we’re here to do what we can to make it easier on you. Visit your local Fastek or fill out the form below to get the process started.

If you didn’t purchase with Fastek, but you’re looking to replace your stolen property, you can use the form to create a custom recovery list, and get a copy sent to your inbox and ours – we’ll be in touch. You can even come back and update or revise your list as needed, no login required.