The New Makita XGT 40v Max Li-ion Line


Makita is offering a new cordless solution with the XGT 40v max system. The XGT range of tools and batteries come with a built-in program providing digital communication between the battery and tool. This allows the two components to talk with one another and work together for optimum performance.

The new batteries feature a waterproof triple layer structure to prevent cell failure due to water and dust. With the addition of an adapter, LXT chargers can charge the XGT batteries, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the new tools into your line-up.

The new XGT tools feature terminal short-circuit prevention structure designed to provide protection between terminals against water and dust, and are IPX4 rated for water resistance protection. Heavy duty outer casing and cell holder creates a space to absorb impact, which means being tough on your tool doesnโ€™t mean being tough on the battery too.

High rigidity battery rails holds firmly and securely to withstand high power products.

XGT is a combination of innovative tool design and higher output batteries, providing a genuine solution for high demand industrial users. Many of the tools have become more compact where space is an issue, despite being more powerful and durable than their predecessors.

All this, with an industry-leading lightning fast charge time of 45 minutes for the 4.0Ah battery, and 28 minutes for the 2.5Ah battery.

The XGT line is now on sale at – click here to shop!

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