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Choosing the Right Laser Level: Red vs. Green Beam

A common question in our community is, what differentiates the red laser from the green one, aside from the obvious answer of colour?

In this article, we will talk about why people are switching from red to green.

Lasers are often used in many trades like construction, surveying, and installation. Lasers can project horizontally or vertically for fast and accurate measurements over long distances. But what is the purpose of the colour difference? It comes down to use and your budget. They’re both equally accurate and the key differences are  visibility range, battery life, brightness, and price.

Red Lasers

Red lasers were first introduced and people went crazy. As technology advanced, green lasers came along and it is now the top tier choice. What separates the two colours is that red lasers can’t match the range as green lasers. The benefits of owning a red laser is they typically have longer battery life and don’t require as much power as the green lasers, and often are cheaper. Red lasers are the most compatible with receivers, because most receivers can detect red light.

Green Lasers

Green lasers are more visible and have a wider range of lighting than red, giving you the freedom to work accurately even in all conditions, and great for all year round work. The green laser light is 10-50 times brighter than a red light. Green lasers are much more useful and visible in areas that have direct sunlight. The construction company favours green lasers because it is able to travel longer distances. The only downside of the green laser is that it costs higher because of the number of components and better laser diodes than the red.

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