Brand new 5G (LTE CAT M1 / NB-IoT) GPS modem
Keep your teen drivers or elderly parents safe on the road
Track any car or truck with an OBDII diagnostic port
Optional cables available for discrete installations

Part Number: DOS
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The WhereSafe Vehicle Tracker reports its position ever 2 minutes when moving, and every 10 minutes when parked. Get harsh braking and acceleration alerts to monitor driving behaviour. View the real-time GPS locations on the WhereSafe Android or iPhone app.

Built-in alerts right to your phone

  • NightWatch After-hours monitoring keeps an eye on your assets and lets you know if they move.
  • SafetyNet Set a geofence boundary around your city and know when the device leaves the area.
  • RideMonitor Be aware of high-speed travel and take action.
  • TamperGuard Know right away when your device needs a charge and is unplugged or removed.

WhereSafe Service Plans

Pick your service plan when you activate your device. All plans include the same features and there are no contracts.





Save 23%



Save 35%

* The seasonal plan will charge for eight months of regular service and four months of suspension service.

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