TYPAR ROLL 3′ X 100′


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Typar BuildingWrap delivers key advantages you won’t find with other building wraps:

• Extraordinary tear strength: 5x better than the competition
• Exceptional holdout: blocks air and water from getting in
• Optimal breathability: lets moisture inside the wall cavity escape
• Excellent surfactant resistance: reduces damage from oils, tannins, and soaps
• Superior UV stability: no degradation from sunlight for up to six months of exposure
• Incredible versatility: able to be used under most types of cladding

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TYPAR is a polypropylene nonwoven breathable weather membrane. Its technologically-advanced design reduces the risk of moisture damage in the wall cavity unlike any other product on the market, and the facts support it. TYPAR delivers the best balance of water holdout and breathability. TYPAR’s tear strength is 4 times that of Tyvek’s. Tyvek has poor surfactant resistance. TYPAR holds up better over time. TYPAR’s UV exposure rating is 50% longer than Tyvek’s.

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