• Stay Cool™ battery technology wraps each cell in a temperature controlling material that keeps cells cool and delivers better performance
• Innovative battery design arranges cells in a unique configuration that evenly distributes heat to extend run time
• Our intelligent power management system maximizes power and performance by monitoring and optimizing each cell
• Compatible with all SKILSAW TRUEHVL™ tools and chargers
• Battery specifications: 48V, 5.0Ah, 240Wh
• TRUEHVL™ Quick Charger sold separately

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Part Number: SPTH15

TRUEHVL™ is the only battery technology that cuts it with Worm Drive. TRUEHVL™ is designed specifically to power Worm Drive and delivers the performance and power you demand. Patented Stay Cool™ technology wraps each cell with a temperature controlling material that keeps cells cool and provides better performance. The intelligent power management system monitors and optimizes each cell. An innovative battery design evenly distributes heat to extend run time. Together, these technological advances create a battery that’s powerful enough for Skil’s legendary Worm Drive.

The next generation of Worm Drive power is here.

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