• Unique ‘rabbit ear’ design produces smoother mixes faster and makes clean-up easier

• Made of highly flexible and durable non-porous plastic mixing paddle that minimizes foam, bubbles, and air entrapment

• Fast and easy clean up – simply finish with a quick spin in a clean water bucket or knock off dried materials afterwards

• Edge-to-edge mixing (no need to stop and stir), smooth ends prevent damage to bucket

• Far less strenuous, no longer chase your mix round the bucket, hold the MixM8 in the center of the bucket and let the blades do the work

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MixM8 is ideal for mixing small batches of thin set, mortar, cement, plaster and similar materials. It’s a truly revolutionary mixing paddle because of its unique (163) ‘rabbit ear’ design, it produces smoother mixes, faster and clean-up is easier. Unlike traditional steel paddles, MixM8 is a highly flexible and durable non-porous plastic mixing paddle that creates a whirling motion and its ribbed edges cut through materials while minimizing foam, bubbles, and air entrapment. The helix pulls the dry material into the mix creating a smooth and consistent mix. Where the traditional metal vein mixer is known for damaging buckets and leaving unmixed material, the MixM8 makes edge to edge mixing easier and the smooth ends won’t tear up the bucket. This design eliminates the need to stop and stir unmixed materials, which results in significantly reduced mixing times. Clean-up is fast and easy, simply finish with a quick spin in a clean water bucket or knock off dried materials afterwards. The patented mixing attachment can mix up plaster or other mortar compound including aggregates even with a cordless drill (18v). Working well with both cordless (3/8” hex shaft) and corded drills (9/16” hex shaft), it is a must have for job sites where no electricity is available and a cordless drill is the only option.

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