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• 14 oz anti-vibration shingling hatchet (#04-458) equipped with a depth gauge, nail notch and a milled face. The shock absorbing anti-vibration cushion grip allows for comfortable handling over long periods of use

• Our trusty knuckle saver roofing knife (#36-292) with an extra long handle to keep knuckles clear and safe while cutting roofing shingles. The knife features and angled grip for easy cutting around tight spaces and corners, zinc-reinforced bottom edge for durability and a clip holder inside the handle with three sk5 hook blades included.

• 10 Primegrip 2-notch deep hook blades (#36-256) included to use with the knuckle saver. Our blades are manufactured from high-grade carbon steel and induction hardened to last up to 75% longer.

• Straight cut aviation snips (#36-317) for sheet metal and siding work. This tool is able to cut straight, left and right curves in 18 gauge cold-rolled steel and 22 gauge stainless steel. It features a comfortable non-slip handle and a simple spring-free automatic latch design.

• A pair of 12″ tinsnips (#36-354) for lighter sheet metal jobs with a flat inside face to guide it along a straight line.

• A pair of our specially formulated foam rubber knee saver knee pads (#43-114) with knee pit saver straps built-in. These straps prevent chafing behind the knee and the pads themselves are concave offering true shin and thigh comfort while kneeling or standing.

• A large size deluxe hi-vis harness (#23-124) that provides a heavy duty yet comfortable and lightweight experience. The padded frame transfers load over the shoulders and hips and won’t absorb moisture. The quick connect buckles add convenience of removal and a 2″ wide utility belt provides the option of adding tool bags.

• Speaking of which, we are including our 10 pocket leather tool pouch with steel hammer holders (#43-204) to the mix so you can carry your tools easily on the job.

• All of this awesome gear comes in a lightweight and durable pail so you can easily take it from one job to the next.

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Best Damn Roofer Kit

As a modern roofing tool brand, we are always looking for opportunities to partner up with dedicated people in the industry to bring something new to the trade. The Primegrip 2020 roofer kits are the latest result of our search for collaborators and innovators. We partnered up with The Best Damn Roofer (@best.damn.roofer) to bring you The Best Damn Roofer Kit. This kit contains a mix of products personally selected by Mr. Biggtime himself for all those roofers out there who are the best at what they do.

• 14 Oz Anti-Vibration Shingling Hatchet (#04-458) Equipped With A Depth Gauge, Nail Notch And A Milled Face. The Shock Absorbing Anti-Vibration Cushion Grip Allows For Comfortable Handling Over Long Periods Of Use

• Our Trusty Knuckle Saver Roofing Knife (#36-292) With An Extra Long Handle To Keep Knuckles Clear And Safe While Cutting Roofing Shingles. The Knife Features And Angled Grip For Easy Cutting Around Tight Spaces And Corners, Zinc-Reinforced Bottom Edge For Durability And A Clip Holder Inside The Handle With Three SK5 Hook Blades Included.

• 10 Primegrip 2-Notch Deep Hook Blades (#36-256) Included To Use With The Knuckle Saver. Our Blades Are Manufactured From High-Grade Carbon Steel And Induction Hardened To Last Up To 75% Longer.

• Straight Cut Aviation Snips (#36-317) For Sheet Metal And Siding Work. This Tool Is Able To Cut Straight, Left And Right Curves In 18 Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel And 22 Gauge Stainless Steel. It Features A Comfortable Non-Slip Handle And A Simple Spring-Free Automatic Latch Design.

• A Pair Of 12” Tinsnips (#36-354) For Lighter Sheet Metal Jobs With A Flat Inside Face To Guide It Along A Straight Line.

• A Pair Of Our Specially Formulated Foam Rubber Knee Saver Knee Pads (#43-114) With Knee Pit Saver Straps Built-In. These Straps Prevent Chafing Behind The Knee And The Pads Themselves Are Concave Offering True Shin And Thigh Comfort While Kneeling Or Standing.

• A Large Size Super Anchor Deluxe Hi-Vis Harness (#23-124) That Provides A Heavy Duty Yet Comfortable And Lightweight Experience. The Padded Frame Transfers Load Over The Shoulders And Hips And Won’t Absorb Moisture. The Quick Connect Buckles Add Convenience Of Removal And A 2″ Wide Utility Belt Provides The Option Of Adding Tool Bags.

• Speaking Of Which, We Are Including Our 10 Pocket Leather Tool Pouch With Steel Hammer Holders (#43-204) To The Mix So You Can Carry Your Tools Easily On The Job.

• All Of This Awesome Gear Comes In A Lightweight And Durable Pail So You Can Easily Take It From One Job To The Next.

Weight 17.04 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 12 in

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