1-3/4 X .099 304SS COIL NAIL 3.6M/BX


• Ideal for use in fiber-cement boards
• Checker pattern on heads blends with wood grain, reduces glare from sunlight and accepts surface finishes
• Generous underhead fillet allows nails to be driven flush, or countersunk, without crushing surrounding wood
• Annular ring shank increases withdrawal resistance to provide a secure attachment that reduces cupping of siding boards
• Slender gauge and diamond point for easier driving
• Choose type 316 stainless steel for seaside applications and superior corrosion resistance

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Part Number: S13A175SNC
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Combine the short-term benefit of increased fastening efficiency and the long-term benefit of stainless-steel fasteners with these stainless-steel wire-coil collated siding nails.

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