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• Self-levelling multi-line laser for precision layout.
• AUTO ALIGNMENT function: Receiver automatically controls the positioning of the laser at distances of up to 150ft – fully automatic axis transfer and creation of right angles on floors, walls and ceilings, all at the same time. Precise alignment without losing the reference point.
• Pulsed laser lines for precise measurements with the receiver (up to 300ft) indoors and outdoors.
• Versatile: 3 vertical lines, 1 horizontal line and plumb-line function.
• Extra sharp, easy-to-see lines for fast and efficient work directly on the laser line – visible range up to 100ft indoors.
• Unique housing shape for positioning in room corners and over edges (e.g. concrete slab) – rapid checking of right angles.
• 5/8-11 tripod mount.
• Includes: Laser, receiver with bracket, laser enhancement glasses, magnetic red target cards/plates, batteries, hard shell case.
• Optional: Rechargeable battery pack, brackets for using the laser with batter boards and forms.

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Weight7.212113 kg
Dimensions23.876 × 48.768 × 40.767 cm

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