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SKATEPLATE transforms your Left Drive Circular Saw (Wormdrive) into a Precision Cutting Tool. Two durable polyurethane rollers with Delrin bearings put your saw on a rolling track ensuring minimal friction during the cutting process. They assist by making straight and smooth cutting easy, while increasing cut efficiency. The SKATEPLATE® Wormdrive body is made from highly durable glass filled Nylon. The versatile locking mechanisms ensure that the SKATEPLATE® easily fits a wide range of corded, left drive 7 ¼” circular saw brands without hindering your saw’s capability to make angle cuts. Installation and de-installation of the SKATEPLATE® takes only minutes. With SKATEPLATE® installed, you will have greater control and accuracy, a reduced chance of kickbacks, less strain and fatigue, all with a nominal amount of cut depth loss! The Combo set includes both a Wormdrive SKATEPLATE® and the SKATEGUIDE®.

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