BAT Mini KDB4940S Portable GPS Tracker


• Fits in the palm of your hand.
• Compact & full function, 3.7V 18.2 Ah Lit Ion Battery
• 50.5 W) × 75 L) × 22.5 T) mm (83 grams)
• Motion/ Vibration & Removal detection
• Fully Magnetic Holder mounts anywhere !
• IP65 Water & Dust Resistance
• SOS/ Panic Notifier Button

Part Number: KDB4940S
Stock in Store:
  • Barrie 10
  • Hamilton 10
  • St Catharines 10
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The IoT Mini portable can go anywhere, with a compact design. Our Mini BAT (Battery Asset Tracker) requires no installation and offers “grab and go” tracking with full functionality that goes anywhere. No roaming no borders equipped with SIM and data service across North America Intelligent Power Management with auto transitions from sleep to active live tracking modes The BAT IoT portable trackers from SIM will immediately start tracking in real time when in motion and can work from a simple asset / anti theft tracker to a real time personal or fleet tracking tool.

It is ideal for any asset, cargo, trailer, backpack, boat or outdoor ‘facility’. The Mini Bat is a fully portable battery powered tracker that can fit in the palm of your hand equipped with a SOS/Panic button that can send instant notifications. Tamper, removal, and movement detection even when its in full sleep mode.

‘Over the Air’ diagnostics, support and management

Stick & Go instant portability with recharge notifications and removal alarms.

Auto activity mode switching technology with exclusive motion and tamper technologies and firmware.

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